December 27, 2017 at 05:09AM

One night, my kids randomly asked about trash collection in KC. I had no idea. The next morning, I noticed the piles of garbage bags out on the sidewalk. I guess my kids saw that & got confused. Had they been awake, they would’ve been surprised to see 2 men physically picking up trash bags to toss in the truck. I was shocked to see that tiny recycling box. We fill our 90 gallon bin every week.

In the city of LA, we have DWP provided bins. Black bins are for refuse, green bins for yard trimmings, & blue bins for recycling. Three trucks come by on trash day. They have robot arms that grip the trash can and empties it into the truck. There is one other guy besides the driver. He pretty much only gets out of the cab if the robot arm can’t get the trash can.
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